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Mexico Real Estate News: Mexico Wind Energy Production Increasing Rapidly

13 September, 2012

According to a recent article on Reuters,Mexico currently ranks 24th in the world in wind capacity,but the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) expects it to jump to number 20 by the end of 2012 and to continue increasing production in the coming years. 

“We’re talking about the largest growth in wind power projects anywhere in the world,” the article quoted President Felipe Calderon saying recently at the opening of Latin America’s largest wind park near La Ventosa. 

Since 2005 Mexico has increased its wind power by more than 400 times,and by early 2013 its installed wind power potential should equal nearly four percent of the country’s energy needs. Advances in ‘green’ alternative energy will also provide a boost for Mexico real estate,as more of the country’s most popular areas come to demand reliable energy production that does not employ the use of fossil fuels. 

“The planned build-up will make Mexico’s wind industry the fastest growing in the Group of 20 economic powers this year,” stated Steve Sawyer,secretary general of the Brussels-based GWEC. “Mexico’s net addition to installed capacity in 2012 could be the fifth highest of any country.”

According to the article,much of the increase in production will stem from large wind farms on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,which lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico,where 18 of the country’s 27 wind farms currently operate. 

Also of note,the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch recently reported that Sauer Energy,which is the company that developed the patented WindCharger vertical-axis wind turbine,has announced that their system will be employed at Mexico’s test site,which is operated by ENRCOM. 

According to the article,the Windcharger system is viewed as an ideal solution for ENRCOM’s need for a cost-effective independent power source,used in both rural and metropolitan areas. It is expected that the system will be used in conjunction with solar panels and battery storage to supply ample amounts of power to the country’s communication system. 

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