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Mexico Real Estate News: Mexico Partners with GGGI in Sustainable Growth Effort

13 September, 2012

Under the leadership of president
Felipe Calderon,Mexico's environmental policies have undergone some major
changes in recent years in an effort to increase its focus on developing a
sustainable energy economy. With this comes additional investment dollars and
new businesses dedicated to serving the new green economy. This comes at a time
when Mexico is also relaxing regulations on foreign investment,creating a
unique environment that is ripe with opportunity.

Mexico's department of environment and
natural resources partnered with the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) this
past month,signing a cooperative partnership agreement that puts Mexico in a
position to be a leader in environmentally- friendly economic growth for the
whole world. Since 2007 Mexico has been consistently implementing phases of its
Special Program on Climate Change (PECC).

“We would like to prove that a
developing country can mitigate and adapt to climate change without hurting the
economy,” said Fernando Tudela,who is Mexico's deputy secretary for planning
and environmental policy.

According the the recent cooperative
partnership agreement,the long-term goal of the plan is to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050 and to raise the green economy
substantially at the same time. To do this,Mexico plans to share green growth
planning ideas and profit-generating sustainable procedures and programs with
the GGGI,working together to accelerate the global transition to green growth.

Also of note,Mexico has raised their
estimates of foreign direct investment this year to $20 billion – an 11%
increase over last year's number – and a significant portion of this is money
that has been invested in green technologies. For example,Swiss socially
responsible investment and development fund manager GreenTEK has created the
Mexico Fund,which aims to attract at least $1 million to support a variety of
projects in the country that work to mitigate climate change.

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