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Mexico Real Estate News: Mexico Joins UN World Tourism Organization

13 September, 2012

According to a press release earlier
late in October,Mexico has been chosen to sit on the Executive Council of the
UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The 19th General Assembly of the UNWTO
brought good news for Mexico when it was announced that the country has been
unanimously selected to hold a seat on the group's executive council.

This prestigious appointment is thanks
in large part to the sharply focused efforts of the Mexico Tourism Board,as
well as to the strong leadership of Gloria Guevara,who is Mexico's secretary
of tourism. The new seat on the UNWTO will provide Mexico with added
opportunities to promote the growth of international tourism by participating
in the decision making process and helping to develop policy recommendations
before they are presented to the General Assembly.

Despite the global economic downturn,
tourism numbers in Mexico remain strong. In 2010 it was the tenth most visited
vacation destination in the world,with more than 22 million international
tourists visiting Mexico throughout the year. The 2010 numbers represent a 7%
jump from 2009 and a 6% jump in revenues. Also of note,the Mexican tourism
industry is expected to provide at least 4 million direct jobs and 12 million
indirect jobs in 2011 and is projected to bring in more than $40 billion.

As part of its role on the UNWTO
executive council,Mexico will also work to create policies that promote
investment,employment and foreign exchange for the more than 150 member
nations that are part of the organization. It is considered to be a huge step
forward for the nation,and is expected to help bring an added boost to
Mexico's already robust tourism economy.

The UNWTO is an international
organization that aims to create financial and social advancement in all parts
of the world while reducing the effects of poverty.

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