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Mexico Real Estate News: Hella Corporation to Invest $100m in Mexico

13 September, 2012

The German-based Hella Corporation,which manufactures automotive headlights and rear lighting,has announced plans to invest $100m in a new plant that will be located in central Mexico. The new facility,which will be located in the town of Irapuato around 260 miles northwest of Mexico City,will increase Hella’s annual production in the region from 3.7 million to 4.9 million for headlamps,and from 2.5 to 4 million for rear combination lamps. 

“Hella sees tremendous growth potential in the Americas,” stated Ignacio Moreno,CEO of Hella Lighting North and South America. “We’re expanding in Mexico real estate to meet a rapidly growing demand for our products from our customers in Mexico and elsewhere throughout the Americas.”

Hella currently supplies the region’s automakers such as Nissan,Volkswagen,BMW,General Motors,Ford,Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz,and employs more than 2,500 people. Mexico real estate is currently the only country in the Americas where Hella has manufacturing operations,with three plants in the greater Mexico City metropolitan area and two plants in Guadalajara.

The new plant in Irapuato will be located in one of Mexico’s top automotive regions,and will supply the company with direct access to borders and some of the country’s largest ports.  In addition to the new plant,Hella is also planning to build a design and development center in Guadalajara that will begin operations in April of 2012. 

Furthermore,Moreno stated that the company’s sites in both Guadalajara and Irapuato will act as its main manufacturing facilities in the Americas and will supply its customers all over the world. Up to 35% of the company’s new investment dollars will be relative to plastic injection molding,while the rest will be dedicated to developing the necessary facilities. 

“Additional production capacity and strong product development teams in Guadalajara will allow us to take advantage of future growth opportunities in the region and further increase the levels of support we can provide to our customers.”

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