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Mexico Real Estate News: GE To Build Wind Turbines in Santa Catarina,Mexico

13 September, 2012

GE wind turbines will soon power the new Comexhidro wind farm in Santa Catarina,Mexico,according to a report by the Wall Street Journal,with eight 2.75-megawatt turbines creating clean energy to provide public lighting. This development brings Mexico closer to realizing its wind energy potential,which the Mexican Wind Energy Association estimates to be at more than 50,000 megawatts.  

“This project is a breakthrough for the country,” stated Hector Villegas,sales director of GE’s renewable energy business in Mexico. “It supports the government’s commitment to increase investment in research and infrastructure and encourage private investors to produce clean energy and help reverse the effects of climate change. This strategic vision coincides with the strong commitment of GE in innovative solutions that solve today’s environmental challenges and benefit society.”

The new Comexhidro wind farm will provide public lighting for Mexico real estate in the municipality of Santa Catarina in the state of Nuevo Leon and will help the area reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the equivalent of removing 10,000 cars annually from the roads. Comexhidro is a Mexican hydroelectric company that is leading the construction and operation of the wind farm,while Conduit Capital Partners is providing the necessary investment dollars. 

“Through the perfect combination of GE’s technology and innovative solutions,combined with our local knowledge and experience of the grid,we will be able to offer important environmental benefits and a technological solution to meet the needs of the community for an efficient and sustainable energy supply,” Carlos Jinich,general manager of Comexhidro,told the Wall Street Journal.

GE announced the new project at its recent Mexico Wind Energy Forum,which brought civic and industry leaders together to collaborate about the many opportunities and potential surrounding wind power throughout Mexico. GE employs more than 4,600 people in Mexico and will soon generate around 2,000-megawatts of wind energy,powering 22 million households throughout the country.


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