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Mexico Real Estate: Latin America’s First Fleet of Hybrid Buses to Hit Streets of Mexico City

13 September, 2012

The government of Mexico City announced recently that it has plans to launch a fleet of eight new diesel-electric hybrid buses,which will be the first of their kind to operate in Latin America. 

The new buses will operate with an internal combustion engine that is combined with an electric motor. They will operate on the Mexico City Metrobus system’s new Line 4,and will provide a much-needed link between the capital’s downtown area and the city’s international airport,according to a recent statement by the local government.

The hybrid buses were unveiled by Mexico City’s Metrobus director Guillermo Calderon at the Expo Foro 2012,which showcases the latest and greatest advancements from manufacturers and distributors of buses and other commercial vehicles. The new hybrid propulsion system will allow the buses to operate more efficiently,using around 30% less fuel. They will also emit around 50% less carbon dioxide,60% less nitrogen and 80% less particulate matter,making them far less polluting to the environment than their traditional counterparts.

There are also a total of 46 non-hybrid buses in operation on Mexico City’s Line 4 that operate on Ultra-Low-Sulfur diesel and have been awarded the highest environmental certifications available for vehicles in their class. The local government has been making a concerted effort to continue using more environmentally friendly public transport options to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. 

This will not only improve air quality,but it will also help reduce the amount of damage that is done to Mexico City’s many historical buildings and monuments. In fact,the reduction of greenhouse gasses resulting from the new eco-friendly buses that will operate on Line 4 is expected to reach around 110,000 tons annually,which will significantly improve air quality in the capital of Mexico real estate,which is home to more than 20 million citizens. 

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