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Mexico Real Estate Attracts More Non-US Tourists in 2012

13 September, 2012

A travel article in The New York Times highlights the increased number of tourists that have been heading to Mexico,and discusses the ongoing efforts by the Mexico Tourism Board to attract non-US visitors in 2012 and beyond. In 2011 Mexico received 22.67 million visitors from around the world,which broke the previous record from 2008.

Although there are still more tourists from the United States heading to Mexico for vacation than from any other destination,last year’s increase was also spurred on by a sharp increase in visitors from other countries around the world,including Europe and Russia. 

“In the past we were depending mainly,and only,on the U.S. That was about seven years ago,” said Gloria Guevara,Mexico’s tourism secretary. “Now,we want to continue to build up tourism from the U.S. but also look toward bringing other nationalities in.”

Under the direction of president Felipe Calderón,the Mexican government has improved infrastructure throughout the country and has increased the number of flights coming into Mexico real estate,as well as the number of domestic flights that are available within the country’s borders. 

These and other measures have helped increase Mexico’s appeal to tourists from around the world,as they can now arrive and travel within the country more safely and easily than ever before. For example,travelers from Russia and other countries can now obtain a visa in just a few minutes,where it used to take around 45 days. 

Although reports of criminal activity along Mexico’s border with the U.S. has caused alarm among some travelers,the State Department has recognized that the city and resort areas are quite safe and far removed from the drug cartel violence in the northern parts of the country.

“In all of 2011,22.67 million international tourists visited Mexico,in addition to the many millions who arrived by cruise line,” stated Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete,the COO for the Mexico Tourism Board. “The vast majority of these visitors enjoyed their stay in Mexico without any incident.” 

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