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Mexico Leads Charge for Climate Change Initiatives As UN Conference Begins

13 September, 2012

The UN Summit on Climate Change Conference begins Monday,November 30th. Worldwide national leaders are set to discuss and outline plans for moving the world toward a sustainable and greener economy. Although much attention on the Cancun talks will be on replacing the Kyoto Protocol,another major emphasis will be on how emerging economies play into the fight to curb global warming and how Mexico City itself is becoming a world leader for climate change initiatives.

Mexico leads the charge among other developing economies in a recent study “Emerging Economies – How the developing world is starting a new area of climate change leadership.” Released just in time for the UN summit,the paper evaluates five emerging economies and notes that in many cases they act with greater determination and ambition than world superpowers.

“These countries now have the opportunity to build on their strong initiatives domestically to show international leadership under the UN climate process,” said Gordon Shepherd,leader of the WWF’s Global Climate Initiative. “Mexico [is] strongly placed at Cancun to push for action on innovative sources of public financing and a legally binding climate agreement under the UNFCCC.”

The study shows that Mexico,along with Brazil,South Africa,China and India,has strong renewable energy standards and emissions reduction plans. Mexico in particular is integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. The country has also committed toward reducing emissions by 50% by 2050 compared to levels in the year 2000.

In addition to the paper,Mexico City’s climate change initiatives are receiving special attention due to the recent Third World Congress of United Cities and Local Governments,and the World Mayors Summit on Climate Change. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard laid out a citywide “Plan Verde” which will convert the city into a leader in environmental policy. Clean air and climate-related initiatives are already in place in the metropolis. 

The city government of Mexico City places climate change as one of its top priorities. Experts say that it serves as an example for the rest of the country,and for the world,in making important changes to preserve and improve the quality of the air,water and land. During the conferences,world governments had the chance to learn from Mexico City’s example and the same will be true when the UN convenes on Cancun starting today. 

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