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Mexico and Europe Take Lead On Climate Change

13 September, 2012

Mexico and the European Union (EU) made a joint commitment,this week,to lead global climate change talks in Cancun,later this year.

The promise was made in a declaration of "strategic association",which the two parties announced after their 5th bilateral summit,held in Comillas,Spain,on Sunday.

It is hoped that the "environmental marriage" between Mexico and the EU will help spur decision-making at the United Nations 2010 Climate Change Conference,that Mexico's famous Carribean resort will host from November 29 to December 10,2010.

Speaking in Spain,Mexican President,Felipe Calderon,said working together with Europe "will be fundamental" for the success of the climate change meeting.

The announcement builds on the views expressed by Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada,Mexico's Environment Minister,earlier this year. He said he aims to cement cooperation with other nations before setting a legal framework to tackle climate change,that can be agreed in Cancun.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero,Spain's Prime Minister,said Mexico is,"fundamental in Latin American and international dialogue and stability [as seen by its] clear leading role in the fight against climate change,its contribution to the G20 and in the constructive understanding of the international order."

Spain currently holds the EU presidency and hosted the Mexico-EU meeting with the European Council President,Herman Van Rompuy,and the European Commission President,Jose Barroso.

Other cooperative measures outlined by Mexico and the EU in their "Executive Plan" include joint action to deal with the global economic crisis,financial services and security.

Mexico becomes one of a select group of countries to make such a strategic alliance with the EU and Van Rompuy said it "marks the beginning of something new [and] a more active and constructive role" between Mexico and Europe.

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