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L’Oreal Opens Second Plant in Mexico,Investing $50 Million

13 September, 2012

Brimming with optimism and sure
of Mexico’s ongoing development potential,L’Oreal plans to open its second
plant in Villa Reyes,San Luis Potosi,Mexico.  In an effort to increase international competitiveness,an
investment of $50 million is planned for a new hair color manufacturing plant
at Logistic Industrial Park II. 
The plant will be 30,000m2 on 10 hectares of land.  This will be L’Oreal’s largest hair
color facility yet. 

L’Oreal’s CEO in Mexico,Luca
Burei,stated,“L’Oreal Group has decided to invest in a new production plant
in Mexico [due] to its privileged geographical location,international
competitiveness with its trade agreements,and great potential of development”.

It is projected that production
will begin during the second quarter of 2012.  Daily production is estimated to be around 700,000 packages
and yearly production to the continent will average 200 million units.

The new facility will not only
double L’Oreal’s production in Mexico,it will also serve to further facilitate
operational productivity at the plant it already has open in the country. 

L’Oreal’s current plant in Mexico
City generates 300 jobs and makes products for L’Oreal Paris,L’Oreal
Professional,Garnier and Softsheen Carson.  It is estimated that the new hair color manufacturing plant
will create 400 additional jobs and lead to 800 indirect employments. 

Fernando Toranzo Fernandez,the
Governor of San Luis Potosi,drove the point home again by saying,“The opening
of a second plant in Mexico confirms the strategic importance of Mexico for
L’Oreal Group and demonstrates its trust in this country as well as in its
industrial know how.” 

As of January 2010,L’Oreal Mexico has opened a new supply chain
distribution center.  Based upon a
steady increase in its market shares in both volume and value,the company is
claiming to be Mexico’s lead for its distribution networks.

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