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Lamborghini Showroom Open for Business

13 September, 2012

The luxury car maker,Lamborghini,has opened two dealerships in Mexico,joining Ferrari,Maserati,Bentley and Porsche,and signaling the growing demand for luxury cars and the growing luxury markets in the country.

Mexico City became home to the first official Lamborghini dealership in Mexico. It was followed by Monterrey,opening in a location referred to as the "Beverly Hills of Latin America" and regarded as one of the richest districts in Central America. Both cities now boast the super sports car manufacturer's presence in the country,with official franchised locations,operating full sales and service facilities.

The two dealerships are owned and operated by the previous CEO and President of Volkswagen of Mexico,who branched out to the manufacturing,import and sales of luxury vehicles. Lamborghini's CEO shared the excitement,"These new dealerships represent Lamborghini's commitment to expanding our presence in North America.  Our Mexican clients love the brand for its unique values of being extreme,uncompromising and unmistakably Italian. We are excited to be working with Lamborghini and honored to be selected to create a dealership network in Mexico."

These businesses reflect the prosperity and the growing luxury market in Mexico. Car sales are expected to rise just over 6 percent this year,showing Mexico's growth toward the largest vehicle market in Latin America and the government's drive to promote vehicle sales this year.

Lamborghini sponsored special opening events for the dealerships,inviting many VIP guests from the country's racing,sports,business and arts sectors to attend.

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