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LA Times reports that "Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%"

13 September, 2012

In the first 8 months of of the year,Mexico's foreign arrivals by air has jumped 20% to 7.1 million visitors,with most coming from the US and Canada. According to Mexican tourism officials,4.33 million of these tourists were from the US,another 1.3 million from Canada and over 200,000 from Spain. Compare this Hawaii's rebounding tourism which is up 11% after their steep decline in tourism last year. 

This increase is especially significant as Concil and other analysts have only predicted modest growth in worldwide travel,closer to Asia's 6% growth this year,so Mexico's huge 20% increase is blowing their predictions out of the water. Some resort areas in Mexico are seeing even larger increases including Cancun whose tourism increase is at 31% and Cabo who is at 30%. 

Analysts say that this jump in visitors means that Americans are seeing Mexico as a good vacation bargain and are feeling confident in spending on traveling again. In July,the Mexican tourism board began a new marketing campaign whose tagline is "Mexico,the place you thought you knew",which includes spectacular videos of the areas. See a short preview here. 

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