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InterContinental Hotels to Build 47 New Hotels in Mexico for $500 Million

13 September, 2012

As reported by Fox News Latino,Mexican President Felipe Calderon's office has announced that InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) will invest $500 million in Mexico over the next three years.Calderon met with IHG’s president for the Americas,Jim Abrahamson,to discuss the investment plan. During the meeting, "they exchanged points of view on the tourism industry and Mexico's great potential to figure among the world's top five tourist destinations,while also discussing the tourism industry's impact on creating jobs and growing the nation's economy."

Mexico has had a fantastic twelve months in tourism,with early figures showing that over 22 million people chose Mexico as their destination of choice over the last year. Tourism helps to improve the already solid infrastructure in some of Mexico’s most popular places to visit.  

The IHG investment is also being viewed as a way to continue to improve the lives of Mexico’s citizens,as well as tourists.  The new hotels will bring with them new jobs and opportunities,and will have a positive impact on the nation’s economy,which already thrives thanks to the tourism trade. 

The Calderon administration is looking forward to the upcoming months and recently showed its ambitions for the year ahead by declaring that 2011 will be the “Year of Tourism” for Mexico.  The recent announcement of IHG’s huge investment will only serve to support this statement.

The current plans regarding how the $500 million will be spent have also been released. The Mexican Government has stated that,in total,47 new hotels will be built,resulting in more than 5,000 brand new luxury rooms available for visitors to Mexico.  This will provide jobs in construction,as well as positions in the hospitality industry.

Mexican Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara spoke at the FITUR tourism fair in Madrid last month about the continued increase in Mexico’s tourism.  Throughout 2010 and into 2011,visitors have continued to show their love for Mexico.

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