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IBM Opens Innovation Center in Mexico City

13 September, 2012

IBM's new Innovation Center in Mexico City promises to be a great help for local businesses,offering a wide variety of resources and training tools that will help startups and investors successfully launch new ventures. The move will also help IBM gain ground in the growing South American market,where the corporation has had a presence for nearly 85 years.

IBM has already opened 39 of these Innovation Centers worldwide,spanning more than 30 countries,including Budapest,Jakarta,Sydney and Capetown. In 2010 alone,the centers have helped more than 24,000 individuals from a wide range of business backgrounds,and the new center in Mexico City promises to increase this number substantially in 2011. 

Also of note,IBM reports that more than 200 new Mexican companies have become business partners over the last two years,and analyst firm BMI predicts that IT spending will increase throughout Mexico by at least 11 percent in 2011. This growth is due in part to new infrastructure projects,an increase in government services,and the use of cloud computing. In addition,IBM has been working with several Mexican universities to develop curricula that will support the growing demand for technology throughout the country.

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