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Huge Increase in Private Flights from San Antonio to Mexico

13 September, 2012

In an effort to make the trip even easier for international travelers,additional private flights to Mexico are now being offered at the San Antonio International Airport. In fact,2010 brought the biggest jump ever in privately chartered flights to Mexico from San Antonio,Texas,with a 52 percent increase since 2009,according to the Aviation Department.

That amounts to nearly 4,000 private flights clearing customs at the airport last year alone. According to the San Antonio Express-News,many of these flights were the direct result of the growing number of US citizens who own a home in Mexico. In addition,a rise in cross-border business transactions has had an effect in the number of flights that are being chartered from San Antonio to Mexico.

The airport offers the convenience of being a permanent port of entry,allowing private flights to clear customs here as well. The increased air traffic and ease of entry,both into the US and into Mexico,is a win-win situation for both the city of San Antonio and for international travelers heading into and out of Mexico. 

According to the Aviation Department's marketing manager,Jose Luis Garcia,the airport is interested in continuing to pursue a strong relationship with travelers into and out of Mexico,"It's a tremendous opportunity. We need to keep working on developing it because other cities are doing it too."

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