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Hop-On Supplies Cancun, Mexico, with World Tourism Phones

13 September, 2012

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal Market Watch, Hop-On Mobile has announced plans to ship thousands of World Tourism Phones to Cancun, Mexico, thanks in large part to strong tourism numbers in 2012.  The phones are the first tourism industry specific cell phone to enter the marketplace, and come equipped with 24-hour a day services. 

“Hop-On has shipped thousands of phones into the Mexican tourism market,” shared Peter Michaels, CEO of Hop-On. “The Mexican Ministry of Tourism reported that the number of air arrivals in December 2011 was up 13% from the same period in 2010. More than 1.07 million international travelers visited Mexico in December, which was a record for that month.”

In 2011 Mexico real estate experienced a significant increase in the number of visitors from the following countries: The United States, which was up 10.6%; Canada, up 9.1%; and a 6% increase from Spain, a 10.5% increase from Italy, a 21.4% increase from Argentina and a 12.4% increase in visitors from France. 

“We envisage that 2012 will be a record-breaking year for Mexico in terms of tourism numbers,” shared Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete, who is COO of the Mexico Tourism Board. “Mexico’s tourism industry is undergoing a stunning transformation – based on a bold strategy of diversification – focused on promoting a broader range of tourism products, such as cultural tourism, adventure travel and health-related tourism, aimed at attracting a new breed of global consumer.”

Hop-On has developed the world’s first $10 disposable cell phone and plans to take advantage of its position as a ‘first mover’ in the Mexican Market. Hop-On already has logged order from and developed relationships with some of the most popular resorts in Cancun, in an effort to tap into the international tourism market. 

“The Mexico Tourism Board will continue to market directly to tourists from non-traditional origins in Europe and Asia, while at the same time strengthening our hold on American and Canadian travelers,” stated Lopez-Negrete. 

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