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Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduced in Mexico City by 5.7 Million Tonnes

13 September, 2012

The government of Mexico City
announced this week that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been reduced by a
total of 5.7 million metric tonnes (mt) of CO2eq (carbon dioxide and its
equivalents) since the inception of its Green Plan in 2008. This reduction is
significant,meeting more than 80 percent of the country's goal of reducing GHG
emissions by at least 7 million mt by 2012.

Mexico City's mayor,Marcelo
Ebrard stated,“Over the past four years,we have made significant progress
toward becoming one of the world's most sustainable cities by promoting
environmental stewardship not only in our government operations but also by
encouraging widespread business and citizen participation.”

The ambitious Mexico City Green
Plan is serving as a model for the entire world and is comprised of large
investments and progressive initiatives in areas such as transportation,energy
consumption,waste management,air quality,reforestation,climate adaptation
and water conservation. In the recent GHG reduction numbers,Mexico City's
transport sector,which contributes 44% of the total emissions in the metro
area,managed to reduce its CO2eq by 4.8 million mt. By comparison,
improvements to the city's energy conservation efforts saved 183,425 mt,while
waste management initiatives reduced GHGs by 127,175 mt and reforestation and
forest fire prevention efforts contributed a reduction of 607,846 mt.

A big development that will help
Mexico City reach its goal of reducing GHG emissions by 7 million mt by 2012 is
the closing this December of Bordo Poniente. This solid waste management
facility is one of the world's largest and currently is responsible for
releasing a whopping 16% of the city's total GHG emissions.

As part of Mexico City's
commitment to sustainability,and as chair of the World Mayor's Council on
Climate,Ebrard has hosted mayors from cities around the world,encouraging
them to sign the Mexico City Pact. This agreement calls on cities everywhere to
work together and share their climate change initiatives and has already gained
support from almost 200 cities.

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