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Google Director Says Mexico Ripe for Investment

13 September, 2012

In a recent interview with Mexico Today,John Farrell,who is Google's acting director in Mexico,stated that the country is poised in an excellent market for continued investment by his company. Farrell pointed to Mexico's progressive economic reforms,demographic changes and thriving middle class to support his strong stance. 

“We are in a privileged position in a great industry and a great market,” said Farrell. “Latin America is Google's fastest-growing region – more than China,more than any other region in the world. And Mexico is a big contributor to Google's overall growth strategy. We are almost at 40 million Internet users and growing strong.”

As the 11th largest economy in the entire world,Mexico now boasts income levels that easily exceed those reported by both China and India,which creates a positive environment of economic strength and stability. This has consistently worked to support the population's use of popular consumer electronics,such as personal computers,laptops,smartphones and tablets. In fact,Mexico reportedly exceeds other South American countries,such as Brazil,in its use of the Internet on cell phones,and for Google more smart phones equates directly to more business. Today,Google reports that 10 percent of Google Mexico Internet searches are conducted by the country's 85 million+ mobile users.

Farrell was also quick to commend the Mexican government's progressive economic reforms,which he says have continued to foster an environment that is excellent for investment and trade purposes. 

“When you look at Mexico's competitive advantages – first,it has the United States as a trading partner,” he shared. “When we look at Mexico's government,the way they've managed free trade; they've signed trade agreements with more than 40 countries worldwide. So setting up operations in Mexico becomes a perfect place to reach out to the world.”

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