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Forbes 2012 List of Billionaires Includes 11 Mexicans

13 September, 2012

The 2012 list of billionaires,which has been published annually by Forbes magazine for 25 years,includes 11 Mexican citizens. 

Carlos Slim - #1

Mexico’s telecom magnate Carlos Slim was once again named the richest man in the world,with $69 billion in assets. Slim owns Telmex,which controls around 80% of Mexico’s landlines,as well as Telcel,which holds around 70% of the country’s cell phone market. In addition,Slim owns America Movil,which is the largest wireless provider in Latin America,and in 2011 he started a mining company,Minera Frisco. Slim also owns a stake in the New York Times,and is planning to launch Ora.tv,which is a new Internet TV network concept.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego - #37

Worth $79 billion,Pliego inherited retailer Grupo Elektra and started the TV Azteca network. In addition,his Banco Azteca arm of the Elektra chain caters to low-income consumers.

Alberto Bailleres - #38

As chairman of metallurgical giant Industrias Penoles,Bailleras is worth $16.5 billion and also owns a large amount of stock in the luxury department store El Palacio de Hierro,the Grupo Nacional Provincial insurance company,and the Grupo Profuturo investment firm. In addition,Bailleres serves on the board of bottling giant Femsa.

German Larea Motta Velasco - #48

Larea is worth around $14.2 billion and serves as CEO of mining company Grupo Mexico,which also owns Ferromex,Mexico’s largest railroad. He also owns the popular Cinemex movie theater chain.

Jeronimo Arango - #276

Worth upwards of $4 billion,Arango owns the Bodega Aurrera supermarket chain and is a partial owner of Grupo Cifra,which became part of Wal-Mart de Mexico,or Walmex. The Arango family is also heavily invested in real estate and owns an impressive art collection.

Emilio Azcarraga Jean - #634

Azcarraga is worth around $2 billion and operates Grupo Televisa,which runs its own television channel,and also has a hand in gambling,the Internet,publishing,radio,satellite communications and a discount airline.

Roberto Gonzalez Barrera - #683

Founder and lead executive of Gruma brands,which is the world’s largest tortilla manufacturer,Gonzalez Barrera is worth an estimated $1.9 billion. He also owns a large amount of stock in the Banorte bank,which helped put him on this list.

Carlos Hank Rhon - #913

Banker Hank Rhon made the list in 2012 for the first time and is worth around $1.4 billion. He owns more than 90% of Grupo Financiero Interacciones,which operates Banco Interacciones. His family also ownes Grupo Hermes and is involved in the transportation industry.

Roberto Hernandez Ramirez - #960

As the former CEO of Banamex,which sold out to Citigroup,Ramirez is now worth more than $1.3 billion. He also serves on the board of Televisa,and is part owner of a company based in Brazil.

Joaquin Guzman Loera - #1153

As a drug lord and leader of one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels,Guzman is estimated to be worth around $1 billion and is easily the most controversial billionaire on the list. 

Alfredo Harp Helu – Tied at #1153

As Carlos Slim’s first cousin,Harp Helu is worth around $1 billion and formerly operated Banamex prior to it being bought out by Citigroup. Now,he owns Mexico City’s Diablo Rojos baseball team and is also a major shareholder in the Grupo Marti gym and sporting goods company.