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Faster 4G for Customers along Mexico,Canada Border

13 September, 2012

According to the Federal
Communications Commission; there will be a deal made with Mexico and Canada to
upgrade their 4G high-speed Internet capabilities. The report released this
past week stated that data usage has increased by over 8,000 percent in last
four years alone; ultimately making the demand for mobile ability even greater.

According to Julius Genachowski,
“These arrangements will unleash investment and benefit consumers near the
borders by enabling the rollout of 4G wireless broadband service and advanced
systems for critical public safety and emergency response communications.”

Between 700 and 800 megahertz of
broadband will be shared between the United States and Mexico to update and
relieve some strain on the communication networks for mobile carriers. Some
opponents are questioning the need to upgrade the 4G and have said that they can
find others ways to alleviate heavy traffic,not realizing the potential that
comes with upgrading these services and offering better data plans in those

Since more and more people from
other countries are buying real estate in Mexico,
this new technological capability will likely lead to a greater capacity for
even more data and mobile service throughout the entire country. Mobile gadgets
are becoming increasingly useful for everyday life,and thus people are ever
more inclined to buy them. In addition,the number of consumers who are
transitioning to smart phones and data plans have been straining the channels
used to deliver the content in some areas.

The 4G innovation is one that has
been sparking interest for some time. In fact,it seems that 1 out of every 2
persons will have a smart phone by Christmas of 2011. Mexico and Canada both
are an important part of these growing statistics and the benefits are
undeniably great.  Sharing commercial
broadband with the United States will also relieve cellular interference in
public safety communications. This will be of great benefit to those people
living close to the borders,enabling the advancement of public safety and
emergency response teams.

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