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Even Bill Gates Is Interested in Mexican Real Estate

13 September, 2012

It’s no secret that
Mexico is a sensational country. With so many Spanish-style villas and other
types of real estate spanning the luscious landscape,along with the miles upon
miles of sandy tropical beaches,it’s no wonder that more investors than ever
are looking at Mexican real estate as a potential investment vehicle 

In fact,thanks to
Mexico’s never-ending supply of excellent food,abundance of natural beauty and
wide variety of interesting activities,even the world’s most famous investors
are considering Mexico a stable investment. Among these individuals is none
other than world-renowned entrepreneur,businessman and philanthropist,Bill
Gates,who has been repeatedly named the world’s wealthiest person - fourteen
years consecutively,in fact.

Although Gates
dropped down just a bit in the rankings lately,(he is now the third wealthiest
person in the world) his knack for picking savvy investments hasn’t suffered
one bit. Gates reportedly owns the second largest bottling company in the
United States,for example,and he has recently purchased Femsa,which is the
second largest brewery in all of Mexico. It resides within the boundaries of
the third largest city,Monterrey,a thriving metropolis that is known for
having uniquely modern buildings and for boasting fantastic mountain views.
Perhaps that could be part of what drew Gates in – and the many other wealthy
investors just like him. Gates purchased a majority of available shares of stock
in Femsa,which is best known for producing products that are commonly found in
Mexican convenience stores,including manufactured beverages and beer.

Many of Mexico’s
finest properties lay along stretches of pristine oceanfront land,however,
with views of the Gulf just outside of every window. Stunning condos and homes
are nestled within the southernmost regions of Mexico,most notably in the area
around the Mayan Riviera,which encompasses places like Playa del Carmen,
Cancun,and Cozumel. In fact,these areas are becoming increasingly attractive
to investors,as they encompass some of the most sought-after real estate in
all of Mexico. All of these regions have greatly increased development combined
with excellent access,so they are quickly becoming Mexico’s most popular
vacation spots.

Some investors are
particularly interested in in Puerto Vallarta and Merida,which lies on the
Yucatan Peninsula. The average stretch of coastline,as well as the purchase of
a lavish,Spanish colonial-style house,is much more affordable in Merida than
in neighboring parts of Mexico. In addition,Merida,like other areas of the
Mayan Riviera,is experiencing tremendous growth.

Puerto Vallarta is
already very well developed,but real estate experts are predicting that the
area is sure to experience some of the fastest-growing housing markets to be
seen in a very long time. Since the boom in the housing market probably will
most likely taper off as these areas increase in development,significant
properties are now in demand and are disappearing from the real estate market
on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise
that so many investors find Mexico to be an excellent source of high quality
investment properties. The lush vegetation,combined with a nearly perfect
year-round climate,sunny skies,and temperatures that range from the upper
80’s during the day to an enjoyable 60 degrees at night,bring a steadily
growing number of investors and tourists to Mexico all year long. From the
busiest cities to the coastal areas,to the quieter,more rural parts of this
undeniably incredible country,a variety of potentially lucrative investment
properties offer an endless variety of options.

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