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Cozumel Real Estate's New Marina One Step Closer: Hotel InterContinental Signs Contract

13 September, 2012

Cozumel real estate has some exciting news concerning the future development of its new and much anticipated marina. Hotel InterContinental signed a contract in early 2011 for the development of the marina,which will be positioned on the south side of the stunning island,and the new contract indicates that construction of the marina will soon be underway. The project has been funded by the National Fund for Tourism Development and to date has received approximately $17 million USD in funding.    

The Cozumel marina will be equipped to handle more than three hundred boats,which should be enough to satisfy both locals and tourists. Hotels and other amenities in the area will also be expanded upon to make sure that the tourism trade continues to thrive and can easily accommodate visitors to the new marina.     

The marina will serve visitors,as well as locals and expats who are proud to call Cozumel home.  The city has the honor of being one of the most popular destinations for retired North Americans to invest in real estate,and the new marina will only serve to increase the standard of living in this remarkable location. The completion of the marina will truly be a cause for celebration as it will benefit the entire community of Cozumel and owners of Cozumel real estate. The area already offers many exciting Mexico real estate opportunities,with a wide variety of beachfront properties available on the market for the growing number of real estate investors who cannot resist this stunning location.   

Cozumel has a solid infrastructure that caters to the tourism trade within the area. And thanks to the consistent improvements throughout the region,such as this brand new marina,tourism continues to grow.  The marina will serve to increase the area’s appeal for tourists and will also provide a platform for exciting events like sailing competitions.  This will continue to improve the Cozumel real estate investment opportunities within the area and expand on the high quality of life that can already be found in the area.  

There is also a large Cozumel condo complex offering real estate investment opportunities in the area,along with brand new restaurants and excellent shopping opportunities in the works,which will provide a complete experience for those who visit the new Cozumel marina. The Mexico real estate market will also receive another positive boost upon its completion in the coming months,which will help the entire community continue to grow after a very successful 2010.

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