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CNN reports: “Mexico Tourism Remains Strong”

13 September, 2012

According to an article Tuesday
by CNN,industry officials say Mexico's tourism industry has not suffered from
the violence taking place along its borders. In fact,international tourism has
increased by more than 2% during the first five months of this year,compared
to the same period of 2010,and Mexico is the number one destination for US
travelers voyaging abroad.

In addition,the US Department of
Commerce has reported that,while fewer American travelers are leaving the
country,the majority of those who do are choosing to visit Mexico. The
Department reports that 31.7% of all U.S. international tourists go to Mexico,
and it’s been rising 5% since 2002. 
In comparison,U.S. tourists to Canada have dropped 27% in the same
time period. Ricardo Anaya,Mexico's deputy secretary of tourism,stated,“The
data doesn't lie. Tourists keep choosing Mexico.”

While many reports have focused
on the bloody battles between Mexico's drug cartels and local police,the
reality is that the areas struck by violence are located far away from the
country's popular tourist destinations. In fact,most of the violence is found
along the northern border,which is more than 1,200 miles from the vacation
hotspot of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. To put it in even greater perspective,
avoiding Cancun due to drug violence in Mexico would be like avoiding travel to
Houston because of issues in New York City.

Mexican tourism authorities have also polled visitors to gauge their
overall satisfaction with the experience of vacationing here,and report that
98% would come back and 99% would recommend it to other travelers. To help fuel
the continued growth,Mexico has allowed US visa holders to enter Mexico,which
encourages foreign visitors in the US to also head south of the border. The US
Commerce Department also reported that in 2009 nearly 32% of international
travelers opted to head to Mexico for vacation,adding that travel from the US
to Canada has declined by more than 27%,while it increased by more than 5% to

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