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CNN Names Top Places To Visit in Mexico

13 September, 2012

In an article earlier this month,
CNN travel expert Robert Reid named a variety of excellent reasons to put a vacation
to Mexico at the top of your summer wish list. Reid stresses the safety of
areas like the Yucatan Peninsula,Baja,San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City,
where crime rates remain very low even by US standards and the locals retain a
characteristic zest for life.

At the top of Reid’s list of the
best destinations to visit in Mexico is Mexico City,which boasts a population
of more than 21 million and a crime rate that is less than 1/3 that which can
be found in Washington DC. Restored plazas and colonial buildings throughout
the city add a sense of history and cultural charm,while ancient Aztec canals
and pyramids speak of the regions long and storied past. Artists like Diego
Rivera and Frida Kahlo once had studios here among the chic eateries and
boutiques of the Condesa and Polanco areas.

Merida also makes an appearance
near the top of the list. Located just four hours inland from the popular
coastal city of Cancun,here visitors will delight in the traditional colonial
feel with a vibrant historical town center that is complete with outdoor
theatres and several cathedrals that were constructed in the 1600’s using Mayan

The progressive resort town of
Playa del Carmen also made the cut,thanks to its sense of class and focus on
luxury. With easy access to the Cancun airport and a thriving nightlife,Playa
has become a favorite destination for savvy travelers from around the world and
is situated very close to the island of Cozumel.

San Miguel de Allende was another of Reid’s top picks,thanks to its
safety and quaint charm. Located among the silver towns that lie north of
Mexico City,San Miguel de Allende is a Unesco World Heritage Site and boasts a
number of local shops selling traditional handicrafts. Here,visitors will also
enjoy a variety of fabulous organic restaurants,luxurious gardens and 17th
century cathedrals.

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