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Cancun Real Estate: Innovative Agricultural Project Supports Tourism in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

13 September, 2012

Sunset World tourism group has launched a $3 million agricultural project dubbed Ethos in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The 1000-acre farm uses clean alternative energy to grow organic produce that supplies six hotels located in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

In 2012 Ethos is expected to produce at least 400 tons of fruits and vegetables,as well as 200,000 exotic ornamental plants and up to 200 tons of honey. This project puts the Riviera Maya and Cancun real estate at the forefront of global trends in sustainable tourism. 

The ornamental plants will be used to decorate lobbies,meeting rooms and restaurants in the hotels,and the farm will grow cucumber,lime,melon,papaya,squash,tomato and watermelon,among many other fruits and vegetables. Honey produced at Ethos will be used for human consumption,as well as in the manufacture of beauty products such as shampoo,conditioner,creams and soap,which will be available in the hotel rooms and spas. 

“Ethos is an example of our values and great commitment to the community,environment and tourism,making us the first hotel chain in southeastern Mexico to produce their own organic materials and become more sustainable every day,” stated Orlando Arroyo Marroquin,chairman of Sunset World. 

Situated just 25 miles from Cancun in the Mayan jungle,Ethos follows examples set by the UN and the World Tourism Organization (WTO),and is already providing 60 jobs for the local community. Although this region of northern Quintana Roo is not an agricultural area,Ethos employs alternative energy methods,including an innovative,solar-powered irrigation pumping system and wind turbines to reduce its carbon emissions and any impact it may have on global warming. 

Ethos supplies four hotels in Cancun,including the Sunset Royal Beach Resort,the Sunset Lagoon Resort and Marina,the Laguna Suites Golf + Spa,and the Ocean Spa Hotel. Elsewhere in the Riviera Maya it supplies the Sunset Fishermen Beach Resort and the Hacienda Tres Rios Resort,Spa and Nature Park.

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