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Cancun Real Estate: Fox & Bloomberg Report on Popularity of Cancun for Spring Break

13 September, 2012

Fox News and Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported on the growing popularity of Cancun,Mexico,as a spring break vacation destination. In fact,Mexico as a whole remains the number one tourist destination for Americans,with upwards of 20 million U.S. visitors each year,according to a recent survey by the world’s largest travel agencies. 

“It’s as if the entire populations of New York City,Los Angeles,Houston,Philadelphia and Phoenix all went to Mexico for vacation each year,” stated the Bloomberg article. 

In answer to the reports of drug-related violence in Mexico,the U.S. State Department acknowledges that some regions are more dangerous,while others are quite safe. For example,Cancun has remained “unscathed” according to Bloomberg,hosting millions of Americans each year – many of which come for spring break,when the entire town turns into a non-stop party for a few weeks.

According to Fox News,Cancun’s “low prices,flowing drinks and sunny,80-degree weather,” are responsible for the city’s popularity,along with the large number of affordable flights. In addition,Fox News stated that,“the region is relatively free of violence,” and pointed out that visitors will find familiar brands while shopping in Cancun,including Coldstone Creamery,United Colors of Benetton,Blockbuster and many more.

“Mexico’s tourism ministry reports a record 190 million domestic and international visitors toured the country’s attractions in 2011,an increase of 3.7 percent from 2010,” stated Fox.

During spring break – and all year long – Cancun real estate continues to be the number one tourist destination in all of Mexico,with miles of white sand beaches and countless luxury all-inclusive resorts that are ready to cater to the every whim of visitors. These popular vacation destinations employ thousands of bell boys,clerks,concierges,cooks,housemaids and security guards that know how to make tourists feel at home during their stay. 

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