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Cancun Opens Convention Center for UN Summit

13 September, 2012

Mexico is a destination for many vacationers and real estate investors – and
now there’s one more reason to visit or relocate. The Cancunmesse Convention
Center,which opened in September,marks an exciting new addition to the area.

The timing
is perfect for Cancun,which will host the 16th annual World Summit
United Nations Climate Change Conference on November 29th through
December 10th. The convention center will play a key role in the
event which will host over 12,000 participants from around the globe.

was designed to be a central location for exhibitions,fairs,shows and other
cultural events. According to the venue’s PR manager,Maricruz Alfaro,it is
the largest fair trade venue in Latin American.

“The main
objective is to offer the best plan for implementation of events,business
support and encourage international success of a large infrastructure with a
variety of flexible spaces with international standards appropriate for each situation,”
she told the Trade Show News

opened its first phase with 98,490 square feet of indoor exhibiting space.
There is also an additional 134,991 square feet of outdoor space. By 2012,they
expect to expand to 233,481 square feet of indoor space with an additional
107,640 square feet of outdoor space.

convention center is conveniently located just 6 miles from the Cancun
International Airport,the second biggest airport in Mexico,and is positioned
along the Riviera Maya. Nearby accommodations include the Hilton Cancun Golf
& Spa Resort,the B2B Malecon Plaza and the Moon Palace Golf & Spa
Resort. Cancun and the Riviera Maya account for the majority of tourism dollars
in the area,so the addition of the Cancunmesse is another positive for the

 “Cancunmesse has positioned itself as the most important
business center in Latin America,contributing to the continued growth of
tourism in this latitude and boosting the economy of Mexico” said Alfaro.

This new development is just the
first of a few large convention and conference centers that are planned in
Mexico. Querataro and Puebla are scheduled to have centers open in November and
early 2011,respectively.