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Cancun Makes Valentine’s Day Top Five Destinations

13 September, 2012

Making the #3 in the Top 5 Valentine's Day destinations is the beautiful spot of Cancun.  These top ten destinations were just released for the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway for 2011 calculated with and Travel Agent Central and is based on the bookings made online by January 25th 2011 for all vacations between February 11th and February 14th.

Although Las Vegas reigned supreme,hitting the number one spot two years in a row for Valentine’s Day getaways,there was a change up among the other nine destinations on the list.  The most significant jump on the top ten list was Cancun,which received a very impressive third place and moved up the list by five places compared to last year.

The remaining destinations making up the top five were: Orlando at number two,New York at number four and Chicago at fifth place.  These were followed by New Orleans,Miami,Los Angeles and San Francisco,which came in at number ten to complete the list.

Cancun has proven to be increasingly popular over the last twelve months and it is easy to see why.  The beaches are superb,boasting miles of white sand and breathtaking turquoise water that looks inviting and is a paradise for snorkeling,fishing and for people who simply wish to cool off and swim in the clear waters.  The sun is always shining here,and the price of Cancun real estate is the icing on the cake. It is possible to enjoy a world class living and vacationing experience for a surprisingly reasonable cost.

Cancun’s all inclusive resorts offer guests excellent package deals,often with golf courses and spa treatment centers on location.  The all-inclusive deals allow couples to relax and not worry about paying for meals and drinks,as everything is included in the price.  This is the ideal romantic getaway for couples who just want to relax and not be concerned with budgeting money while they enjoy Cancun.

Another reason why Cancun managed to reach number three on the top ten list for perfect Valentine’s Day destinations is the amazing culture that can be experienced in the region.  Couples can admire ancient Mayan structures and learn about the rich heritage of Cancun and the country of Mexico as a whole.  

Couples who will spend their Valentine’s Day in Cancun will most likely seek romantic time together in the many lagoons or along the pristine beach.  The popularity of Cancun is expected to continue growing and this is the ideal destination for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

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