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Cancun Hosts UN Climate Change Conference - Main Items Discussed

13 September, 2012

The United Nations is leading negotiations in Mexico’s beautiful Cancun beach resort with the aim of putting pledges in place that will curb global warming and carbon emissions. There are several incredibly important issues to be discussed at the negotiations,and it is an honor for Mexico to be chosen as the host country.

As reported by Reuters,the main issue being covered is the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is a 1997 protocol requiring emission cuts from almost 40 industrialized nations from 2008-2012. Developing nations want the more affluent countries to set up deeper cuts under Kyoto until 2020,with the developing countries under a separate set of rules. Several of the more affluent countries instead want one agreement that all nations are held to.

Also in the works is the “reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation” or REDD project,an agreement to pay tropical countries not to use natural forests. Another item is a new long term fund designed to help the least developed countries of the world prepare for climate change and cut carbon emissions.

Other issues covered include adaptation and technology. The adaption program is to help developing countries prepare for climate change,and create a mechanism for disaster relief to assist countries that have suffered extreme natural disasters. The technology program being discussed is a “technology mechanism” that includes establishing centers to help share low-carbon technologies in developing countries.

How several of the issues are decided mostly hinges on what is decided in regards to the Kyoto Protocol,as that has been the main stumbling block to agreement so far.

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