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AirTran Offers Four New Routes to Mexico Real Estate

13 September, 2012

AirTran Airways,which is a subsidiary
of Southwest Airlines,have received approval from the Department of
Transportation (DOT) to operate four new international flights to destinations
in Mexico.

Flights starting on June 3,2012 will
include one daily round-trip from John Wayne Orange County Airport in
California to Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo in Mexico,as well as one daily
round-trip that will travel between the Orange County Airport and Mexico City.
In addition,AirTran will offer four new weekly round-trip flights from San
Antonio,Texas,to Cancun,Mexico,starting on May 24,2012.

The flights from the California-based
Airport will be supported by new domestic service in the form of one daily
round-trip flight from San Francisco to Orange County and another daily
round-trip flight from Las Vegas to Orange County,as AirTran does not presently
offer flights out of this location.

“With the DOT’s approval,we are
excited to now make these destinations available for sale to both AirTran and
Southwest’s customers,” said Bob Jordan,who is the executive vice president
and chief commercial offer of Southwest Airlines,as well as the president of
AirTran Airways. “The new service is another direct benefit of Southwest’s
acquisition of AirTran as we take low fares farther by expanding our route maps
to more places customers want to go.”

low,one-way fares (excluding taxes and fees) include a route from San Antonio
and Cancun real estate
for $119,a route from San Antonio to Mexico City for $119,a route from Orange
County to Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo for $119,and a route from Orange
County and Mexico City for $109. Customers must book the flight by December 19th
to take advantage of these low introductory rates and travel between San
Antonio and Mexico must take place between May 24th and June 26th
of 2012,while travel between Orange County and Mexico must take place between
June 3rd and June 24th of 2012.

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