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Adventure Tourism in Mexico Real Estate Boosts Economy,Creates Jobs

13 September, 2012

As it turns out,adventure tourism in
Mexico not only provides visitors with a fabulous,one-of-a-kind experience,
but the boost it brings to the nation’s economy also provides some of the
country’s poorest citizens with jobs.

In a speech given at the 18th Adventure
Tourism Summit this week,president Felipe Calderon asked the country’s 31
state governments to continue plans to invest in adventure tourism and spoke of
Mexico’s “enormous potential” for attracting additional interest among
international travelers. Calderon also highlighted the important role that
indigenous communities will play in developing adventure tourism in Mexico.

“We need for our natural resources,our
enormous cultural wealth,to be able to be preserved with dignity with the
income that adventure tourism provides,with the income that the national or
foreign tourist leaves and which specifically allows these communities to be
able to get ahead,” he stated.

After years of marginalization and
inequality,the nation’s indigenous cultures have found hope in the rising
popularity of adventure tourism and the boost it naturally brings to the
country’s local and national economies. In addition,it is typically geared
towards protecting the natural resources it relies upon to survive,making
adventure tourism a win-win for all involved.

Calderon has also stated that adventure
travel is “key to the preservation of habitat and culture,” calling it a
“game-changing” opportunity for the country. This statement is supported by
numerous studies conducted by Mexico’s ministry of tourism in recent years,
which have found that “Mexico is a competitive destination for ecotourism and
adventure tourism.”

These findings are really no surprise
when you consider the opportunities for physical activity,cultural experiences
and the stunning natural beauty of Mexico real estate’s
many popular destinations. From the Riviera Maya to Puerto Vallarta,Mexico is
home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world,with mountains,
beaches and jungles all available for exploration to suit virtually any
activity level.

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