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Whale Of A Time With Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

12 September, 2012

Owners of Puerto Vallarta real estate
are getting ready for a whale of a time. One of the most popular winter-time
activities is whale watching,which brings guests face to face with some of the
ocean's most fascinating and admirable creatures,the humpback and blue whales.

Puerto Vallarta whale watching tours take guests out to the Pacific
Ocean to observe the dozens of Arctic whales that migrate over a thousand miles
to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Being in their natural habitat,
the excursions are considered eco-tours and are careful to respect the whales
and their space. Even so,guests are still able to come as close as they
possibly can to the whales and get a real sense of their behavior out in the

The tours are easily accesible and right on the doorstep of the
Puerto Vallarta real estate zone.

A new offer this season from tour
operator Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching
allows guests to go out on their own private trips. These charters will take up
to 25 guests on their very own personalized and customized whale watching

Sara Juarez,a reservations agent for Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching,said,"The
private charters allow our customers to fully customize their trip,they can go
where they want,when they want,have what they want on board,include
snorkeling or whatever they'd like."

Whether you wish to take a private
tour or join a group that is already going,the fantastic winter whale watching
opportunities represent yet another good reason to invest in Puerto Vallarta real estate.