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Volkswagen de Mexico’s Beetle Rides Mexico’s Economic Wave

12 September, 2012

In a year when almost every other worldwide car manufacturer saw a deep slump in sales,according to the Wall St. Journal,Mexico’s purchases of Jettas,Boras and the New Beetle are indeed soaring,up 25% over last year. Volkswagen de Mexico,located in the state of Puebla in Mexico,sees production reaching 400,000 units,up from 320,00 units last year. 

Demand for these cars appears to be booming as Mexico’s economy is surging out of the global recession,up 10% since last year alone. This rate of growth represents the biggest trough-to-peak economic increase of any first or second world country and financial analysts expect the growth to continue for the entire year. And Volkswagen is not the only country investing and operating in Mexico. According to Moody’s,Mexico is expecting $20 billion in additional foreign direct investment this year from companies like Ford Motors,General Motors,John Deere Tractors,and General Electric just to name a few. 

Large companies are not the only ones trying to get in on the economic boom South of the Border. It is estimated that over 1 million American citizens are now investing,building,retiring and buying real estate in Mexico. In fact,more Americans now live in Mexico than any other foreign country in the world. They are lured there by a growing economy,lower taxes,cheap,quality healthcare and the tranquil lifestyle Mexico offers and there are many more individuals,small businesses and companies coming every day. 

Regardless of where they come from or why,chances are if they come to Mexico,they will eventually be driving a New Beetle,Jetta or some other VW brand,of course,made in Mexico. The first VW ever sold in Mexico was the 1954 Beetle. Now a VW factory,millions of units sold and 50 years later,its popularity has not waned one bit as Volkswagen de Mexico prepares to ride the growing wave of the Mexican economy.