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Tulum: "The Next Big Thing"

12 September, 2012

They have reporters all around the world and have been writing about the best places in to live,retire,travel and invest since 1979,so when International Living tips a location,you better pay attention.

And,this week,tip they did,in an email alert to almost half a million subscribers.

The location? Tulum in Mexico's Caribbean,of course.

In the wise old monthly magazine's 'daily postcard' they named Tulum "The Next Big Thing",pointing out that investors have blazed a trail of success already from Cancun to Playa del Carmen,and next in their sights is this "small town at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Riviera Maya".

Calling Tulum the "next Playa del Carmen", International Living said its "deserted beaches -— dotted with coconut palm trees,populated by curious iguanas and sea birds,with azure blue water and total silence but for the roar of the surf —- cannot be matched for tranquility and natural beauty."

The glossy's writer admitted that those in the know have been quietly pioneering hotels and businesses in the area for years already,but said that,only now,"things are really getting started."

As well as rave reviews from visitors,such as Trip Advisor’s 30 million readers ranking Tulum as the second best beach and sun destination in the world,they founded their predictions in good old fashioned investment sense too: namely the arrival of the new Tulum airport.

When the airport opens,they wrote,as many as 11 million "high-earning,high-spending visitors" are expected to arrive,every year.

 This will open up a lot of investment opportunities,not least of which will be in Tulum real estate.

That's why they say now is the time to buy,since "Soon Tulum will stretch the budget of all but the rich and famous [but] for now,we can still get in at reasonable prices."

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