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Tulum Takes Silver In Beach Awards

12 September, 2012

Tulum recently came second in the Away.com top ten cheap beach vacation
destinations for 2009.

offers online destination advice for travelers planning their next vacation.
They said that given the current economic climate,far-flung,luxury beach
vacations may not be in many travelers’ immediate future.

Because the
airfare is often the biggest expense in a traveler’s budget,they said that
beaches in your own back yard - such as Tulum - are great alternatives to lay
back on the sand and forget about the bank statement.

Their full list of
the top ten cheap beach vacation destination recommendations for 2009

1. Cannon Beach,Oregon
2. Tulum,
3. Placencia,Belize
4. Morro de Sao Paulo,Brazil
6. Puerto Viejo,Costa Rica
7. Cape Ann,
8. Huntington Beach,California
9. Outer Banks,North
10. Destin,Florida

Of course,as well as being a nearby
beach destination Tulum also offers many other attractions to North American
tourists and has grown massively in popularity over the last 5

Increasing tourism and the confirmation of infrastructure projects
such as Tulum airport have also lead to a boom in
Tulum real estate.

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