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Tulum Airport Report By Credit Suisse

12 September, 2012

Credit Suisse have become the latest big international financial name to
show interest in the new Tulum airport

Analysts from the Swiss investment advisers were reported to
meet last week with Humberto Treviño Landois,the Mexican Government's
Undersecretary for Transport.

Pablo Riveroll and Juan Esteban Moctezuma,
Credit Suisse's stock market experts in Latin American infrastructure,spoke to
Treviño specifically about the Tulum airport project,according to Mexican

Following the meeting,in a report sent to Credit
Suisse clients,the analysts said that the massive Spanish construction company,
OHL,and the private investment company,Advent International,may be interested
in bidding for the new airport. After some delays,the project is now expected
to be put out to tender in February.

In the report,Treviño said that
during the coming weeks the government may reveal more details of the Tulum
airport project,including more about the airport's capacity and requirements
for the legal process.

The news backs up previous suggestions that OHL
and Advent may be interested in the project made by respected columnist Alberto Aguilar in the El Universal newspaper,last

Mexico's Federal Competition (Anti Trust) Commission will also
decide soon whether the owner/operator of Cancun airport,ASUR,can bid for the
project as well.

Businesses and politicians in the Riviera Maya hope that
the new Tulum airport will be a major boost for the economy and lead to a new
phase in the area's development.

Major public investment in the zone has
already had an effect on the price of Tulum property and many international real
estate companies are rushing to build new projects along the Mexican Caribbean

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