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Tulum Airport Launched By President

12 September, 2012


After much speculation,the new  Tulum airport project was officially launched today by Mexican President,Felipe Calderón.

First news reports from CNN and Reuters said he started the bidding process to construct and operate the airport and the "bases" for the competition will be published on April 15,2010.

The project will need an investment of some $254 million and competitors are expected to include international investment consortiums and other airport operators.

Calderón said that the Riviera Maya airport will be the first in the country to be constructed by private investors under a concession scheme.

He said the new terminal forms part of an ambitious government infrastructure project. It will occupy 3,700 acres (1,500 hectares) on the edge of the Tulum real estate market and will have a capacity for up to 3 million passengers per year.

Potential bidders are thought to include: ASUR,operator of Cancun airport; OMA,operator of northern Mexican airports including Monterrey and Acapulco; OHL,one of Spain's largest construction companies; and Advent International,a private investment company.

Major public investment in the zone has already had an effect on the price of Tulum real estate and international property companies are rushing to build new projects along the Mexican Caribbean coastline.

Cancun today receives 12.6 million visitors annually,and it has no more space to grow. The Riviera Maya received 2.8 million visitors in 2009,but the government expects it to receive 17.9 million in 2025. The expansion will need greater airport capacity.

Many real estate opportunities exist and,with the continued growth of tourism in the Riviera Maya assured,now is an excellent time to invest in Tulum real estate.


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