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Tulum Airport Awaits Final Approval

12 September, 2012

Plans for the new Riviera Maya international
in Tulum are awaiting final approval from the Mexican Civil
Aviation Authority,reported local newspaper,El Periodico de Quintana Roo,last

Gina Patricia Ortíz Blanco,head of the Institute for Government
Property (IPAE) in Quintana Roo,told the paper that ownership of 990 acres (400
hectares) of Tulum land has already been
transferred to authorities.

She said that the zone is securely fenced off
and ready for work on the airport to begin.

Once the aviation authority
approves the plans the Mexican Government's Transport and Communications
Secretary will inspect the land and the bidding process for construction can
begin,possibly within 30 days.

The first phase of the project is
estimated to be worth around $50 million and local reports suggest the new
airport will have a capacity for around 5 million passengers per

Local politicians have described the project as an "economic
trigger" that will turn Tulum into one of the most prosperous areas in the
Mexican Caribbean.

Tulum became an independent municipality last year and
new infrastructure projects such as the airport and major highways improvements
have been confirmed,causing land prices to rise rapidly.

The area offers
some of the best investment opportunities to be found in Mexico - now is the time to buy Tulum real estate.

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