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Tourists Flood Back To Cancun,Hotels 90% Full

12 September, 2012

One year after the flu outbreak in Mexico started and tourists are flooding back to Cancun en masse.

The local Convention and Visitors Bureau said,this week,that hotels are expected to be up to 90% full over the Easter vacations.

Even respected British TV channel,the BBC,sent a reporter to Cancun this week to report on the good news. Their journalist,Amandeep Banghu,ran a special broadcast on the "successful recovery" of the favorite Mexican Caribbean resort.

There can be no doubt that tourism has returned with a vengeance in Cancun and other parts of Mexico now,as visitors snap up great deals in beautiful destinations.

Cancun is more attractive than ever after thouands of tons of white sand were brought in to make the beaches even wider along the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

There had been some fears that the North American media's sensationalized coverage of violence in isolated border areas would put some people off visiting,but it seems the smart tourists know thatCancun - like other Mexican tourist zones - is safe.

As hotels fill quickly,air traffic is busy too. Last Saturday saw a record day at Cancun airport,with 507 flights arriving or departing in one day.

The effect of the recovery on tourism will soon have a knock-on effect for the closely connected vacation property market too. As tourists pour in to Mexican Caribbean,interest in Cancun real estate will increase,and then prices too.

The recovery has been strong and proud and the Mexican government can feel pleased with the way they handled the crisis and pushed to bring tourists back to Cancun.

The buzz is back. Now is the time to close the deal on that dream vacation property you've been waiting for - before someone else does.

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