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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Taxes are Going Up

12 September, 2012

1. America’s Massive Pork Barrel Machine
- 35,000 lobbyist will ensure the process of squeezing megabucks out of D.C.

2. Powerful Resistance to Cutting Social and Entitlement Programs
- Unfunded benefits will balloon to $65 trillion and take a 40% tax increase to fund

3. U.S. Infrastructure (Roads,Bridges,Sewers,Water) is Getting Old
- We need $50 billion annually to upgrade hospitals,highways,water plants,etc.

4. America’s Wall Street Welfare Policy
- For the 1st time in history,the Fed has a policy of bailing out investment bankers

5. Government Spending Continues at A Record Pace
- The U.S. Government’s answer to any crisis is “Print More Money!” 

In an economy where nothing is consistent,there is one thing you can count on: taxes are going up! Although a recent Rasmussen Survey says two-thirds of Americans think they are overtaxed and the problems with the federal deficit are a result of overspending politicians,there is little the average American can do. Or is there?

Some fed-up,overtaxed Americans are taking matters into their own hands and considering legal investment options abroad. One country under consideration sits just south of the border. A recent study of 10 countries and 95 cities showed Mexico has the lowest tax rate for businesses. 

Property taxes in Mexico are also minuscule compared to the U.S.,only costing a few hundred dollars per year. Capital gains tax is also easily avoided. Just show that you use the property for six months out of the year and you can be exempted. This is no small tax break given the fact that property appreciation can be quite high,as much as 50% annually in certain areas like Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

This could explain why over 18,000 American-owned businesses have now moved significant parts of their state-side operations to Mexico,including companies like Ford Motors,General Motors,Bristol-Myers Squibb,Xerox,GE,Coca-Cola,Hershey's,Kimberly-Clark(Kleenex),Evenflo,Raytheon,and John Deere Tractor to name a few. Mexico is expecting $20 billion in additional investment from these companies among others this year alone.

Companies are not the only ones looking for tax relief in Mexico. It is estimated that over 1 million Americans now reside in Mexico (more than any other foreign country). They are investing,buying,building,running small businesses and retiring with thousands more arriving each year. They are lured here by low taxes,inexpensive quality healthcare and the tranquil lifestyle offered to them by the beckoning land South of the Border.

Mexico’s friendly tax structure is a surprising fact that sometimes gets lost in the news of drug lords,gang violence,and swine flu. The fact is,Mexico is home to more Americans and U.S. companies seeking tax relief than any other country in the world. So if you're getting tired of an insatiable Uncle Sam taking more and more of your hard-earned dollars year after year,now might be a good time to consider taking your weary taxes on a long awaited Mexican siesta.