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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Investment Property in Mexico

12 September, 2012

1. Economy is Strong and Growing Faster Than Most World Economies (Moody’s)

Mexico is surging out of the global recession with a 4.5% growth rate,up almost 10% from trough-to-peak,faster than the U.S. and most other countries. Smart institutional investors are now putting their money into this emerging market where growth prospects are greater.

2. Tax Rates Ranked #1 Worldwide For Competitiveness (KPMG)

A KPMG study reports Mexico,out of 10 major countries and 95 cities,has the lowest tax rate for businesses. Mexico also has minuscule property taxes (0.1% annually) compared to the U.S.,Canada,or Europe. For example,if you purchased a property in Mexico for $500,000 USD,you would only pay $500 in annual property tax. In Mexico,capital gains taxes on real estate gains have advantages. For example,you can be exempted from capital gains taxes if you show that you use the property for 6 months a year.

3. Fastest Growing Real Estate Market in the Americas (Guinness Book of World Records)

Places like Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Caribbean are listed are the fastest growing real estate in the Americas according to the Guinness Book of World Records,and the town of Tulum,30 minutes to the south,is poised to grow even faster. Major American and Canadian buyers & developers are investing.

4. Bank Lending in Mexico is Experiencing Double Digit Growth (Fox Business)

Mexico’s banking industry is predicting 15-20% loan growth for this year and following years which puts it currently on pace to out-perform most countries around the World. Mexican banks are profitable,well capitalized and eager to lend this economic up-surge.

5. The Number One Global Retirement Destination (International Living)

Over 1 million Americans already live,work,retire and invest in Mexico,more than any other country or location outside of the U.S. 35% more buying power,1st world medical care at a 3rd of the cost and the tranquil lifestyle have lured many Americans,Canadians and European Retirees South of the Border.

6. One of the Most Exciting Investment Markets According to Major Financial Media Outlets

“Hottest of the Hot Spots” - USA Today 
“Spain of 20 years ago” - London Financial Times
“Hottest section [Riviera Maya] in Mexico” - Wall St. Journal 
“A Gold Rush” - Travel and Leisure 

7. Feel At Home With American Companies,Culture and Brands Everywhere

American department Stores,restaurants,and familiar brands are everywhere. There are over 18,000 American companies are operating and investing in Mexico. Starbucks,Walmart,Sam’s Club,Sears,Home Depot,Blockbuster,Costco,Harley Davidson,GE,Ford,Chrysler,General Motors,Bristol-Myers Squibb,Kimberly Clark (Kleenex),and Xerox to only name a few.

8. Voted Best Beaches in the World and Home of the World Famous Corona Commercials

“Best Beaches in the World” - Conde Nast Magazine
“Top Destination Outside U.S.” - Orbitz, 
“Top 10 Beaches We Love” - MSNBC

9. Escape Wall Street’s Wild Ride 

Over 60% of Americans say they have lost money in the stock market,mutual funds or 401 (k) plans in the last 24 months. They realize it will take 7 years for their investments to be what they were once worth and they are fed up and are now finding investment alternatives like using their self directed IRAs aimed at high growth by buying in developing real estate markets like Mexico.

10. Live Longer,Happier and Much Warmer in Mexico

Studies show that Americans living in Mexico have a more tranquil,stress-free,happier lifestyle than their state-side counterparts. Despite scary headlines,most places in Mexico are much safer than in the U.S. and new data shows that the average lifespan in Mexico is accelerating faster than any other major country.

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