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The Top 5 Reasons the Riviera Maya is the Most Beautiful Place on Earth that You’ve Probably Never Heard of

12 September, 2012

Have you heard of the Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya),also known as the “Mexican Caribbean” the only Caribbean coastline in Mexico?  The Riviera Maya runs along the Yucatan Coastline near Playa del Carmen and Cancun for approximately 72 miles. It is located in the state of Quintana Roo in Eastern Mexico and is the only Caribbean coastline in Mexico which means,unlike West Coast destinations,Riviera Maya has warm,clear,clean waters year round! 
What is so great about Mexico’s Mayan Riviera you might ask?

1. Voted Best Beaches In the World

For one,Conde Naste Magazine just recently named the Riviera Maya as having the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is actually the location where Corona Commercials are filmed and it is quickly becoming a secret hideaway for many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt,Tom Cruise,Leonardo Dicaprio,Mick Jagger,Drew Barrymore,Fergie and the late Jerry Garcia.
2. The Most Culturally Diverse Beach Community in the World.

Playa Del Carmen,the center of the Riviera Maya,has one of the most diverse cultures of any beach area in the world. For example,there are 190 flights a day and people from 47 countries live here…Americans,Italians,Canadians,Argentineans,Spanish,British,Swiss,Germans,French,etc. 
No other area in Mexico or perhaps the world has such diversity and culture!  Picture a beautiful,boutique European village sitting by the sea…that is Playa Del Carmen.  Riviera Maya is an ideal balance of Mexican,American,European and ancient Mayan Culture.

3. Everyone Speaks English and All the Comforts of Home Abound. 

English is commonly spoken and American Brands and Comforts are everywhere. You’ll find Sam’s Club,Walmart,Starbucks,and Blockbuster here,as well as movie theaters that are state of the art.  They show the exact same movies that are out in the states in English (by the way,most people here do speak English).  The physicians here are also English speaking and the hospitals are new and state of the art. 

4. Some of the best Gourmet restaurants and Couture shopping in the World. 

The restaurants in the Riviera Maya have been written up in Gourmet Magazine and offer fabulous French,Thai,Mayan,Italian,Argentinean,Brazilian cuisines and some of the freshest Sushi found anywhere,but you can also still find an awesome homemade taco or burrito or two as well.  You’ll also find world class shopping with all the famous brands like Coach,Burberry,Louis Vuitton ,Cartier and many others. 

5. One of the Fastest Growing Areas in the World

Riviera Maya is Not participating in the global recession nor is there a mortgage crisis going on down here.  More like a modern day land rush and real estate boom currently taking place down here from Cancun,to Play Del Carmen all the way down to Tulum.  Riviera Maya Real estate values have doubled and tripled in the last five years yet remain half the cost of similar West Coast properties that one would find in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. In 2006,the Guiness Book of World Records named Playa Del Carmen in Riviera Maya as the fastest growing city in the World.  With 250,000 residents,Playa Del Carmen is now outpacing Cancun’s growth and the Riviera Maya already claims more hotel rooms than Cancun (40,000+ vs. 39,000). 

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