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Shipwreck Causes Festival In Akumal

12 September, 2012

When the Spanish merchant frigate,Matanceros,crashed into the coral reefs just
off Akumal on February 22,1741,little could its terrified crew have known it
would lead to a festival,almost three centuries later.

Looking for the
wreck in 1959,Mexican aquatic archeologist,Pablo Bush Romero,discovered
Akumal's white sand bay and was so taken with its beauty he purchased it from a
land owner and founded a small resort community catering to scuba

From that day forward,the picturesque coastal town of Akumal on
the Riviera Maya in Mexico has become a favorite destination for divers and
travelers that know of its hidden secrets.

At the end of last month,this
relaxed,laid back community between Playa del Carmen and Tulum hosted a 3 day
festival to commemorate 50 years since Pablo Bush Romero arrived in

Promoted by Mr Bush's daughter,Laura Bush Betancourt,the
festival saw an amazing mix of entertainment and education.

included films about Akumal's history,fishing tournaments,photo exhibitions,
kids' activities and a Saturday night party with Mexican grill and live

The festival demonstrated two of the reasons for this gorgeous
resort’s popularity: its relaxed atmosphere and tranquil tropical

Bedded into breathtaking nature and lined by magical white
beaches,your own small piece of Akumal real estate could be the perfect comfort
for mind,body and soul you've been searching for...

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