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Search Continues For Lost Mexican Island

12 September, 2012

The National Autonomous University of Mexico concluded last week that the
Mexican island of Isla Bermeja "doesn't exist" after extensive searches,but the
Mexican government vowed to keep looking.

The island,which was thought
to exist off the northwest coast of the Yucatan peninsula,would be part of
Mexican territory and thus extend the waters in which Mexico can claim

Although it appeared on maps from the 1700s as a speck of land,the
University searched with underwater sensing devices and aerial reconnaissance to
no avail.

Elias Cardenas,the head of Mexico's congressional Maritime
Committee told the AP news agency,"There are four other possible sites where it
might have been," referring to versions the island might have sunk or been

There have long been conspiracy theories about the island's
apparent disappearance in Mexico. El
newspaper said "There are some who say the United States bombed
it ... Others say it was sunk by global warming,and others think it was an

Cardenas said the idea of bombing was "fantasy" since it
would have been impossible to hide.