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Rocky Point Real Estate Has New Airport

12 September, 2012

A new international airport for the Rocky
Point real estate
market will be opened on Thursday by President Felipe

The terminal at Rocky Point - or Puerto Penasco - on the Gulf
of Mexico will open for private and executive flights first and commercial
flights to and from Tucson, Phoenix and Hermosillo should start in the New

Officially named the Mar de Cortes
International Airport
it was constructed by airport operating company
Operadora Aeroportuaria Golfo de Cortes,
who have invested some $45 million in the project, so far.

Antillon, airport director, said, "This is a terminal that is going to keep

The airport is about 60 miles (97km) from the U.S. border and
20 miles (32km) south of Puerto Penasco, just 35 minutes by air to Phoenix and
one hour to Los Angeles.

The current 1.55 mile (2.5km) runway is capable
of handling all types of service and aircraft up to Boeing 757s and

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estate pages for more about Puerto Penasco and Rocky Point real

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