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Riviera Maya Transport Triumphs

12 September, 2012

A wave of big ideas and developments are taking place to boost Riviera Maya
transport and real estate this year.

Mexico's commitment to investing in
infrastructure is leading to the new Tulum airport,Playa del Carmen highway improvements and possibly even a
Yucatan and Riviera Maya train service.

Next door,in Cancun,the
international airport is expected to open its new runway and traffic control
tower in November and there are even discussions about turning it into a
"domestic" US terminal,by allowing US Customs and Immigration officials to work
here,on Mexican airport soil.

All of these projects demonstrate the
commitment of the Mexican government to developing the region,to the benefit of
Riviera Maya real estate and

Improving transport will bring down costs for tourists and
businesses,helping the local economies to grow more rapidly and real estate
prices to rise faster too.

As the world's economy recovers and foreign
investors continue to pour money into Mexico,the Riviera Maya now looks
particularly well-placed to benefit.

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