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Riviera Maya To Benefit From Highway Bridges

12 September, 2012

Riviera Maya real estate from Cancun to Tulum is set to benefit from the new
highway bridges that will soon be constructed in Playa del Carmen.

overpasses will greatly speed up the journey from Cancun and Cancun airport to
other parts of the Riviera Maya,a journey on fast highways but sometimes
held-up by bottlenecks through Playa del Carmen.

The bridges will mean
that fast traffic,not destined for Playa del Carmen,will reach other parts of
the coast much more quickly.

It's estimated that the journey time from
Cancun Airport to Tulum could be reduced from over 2.5 hours,to around 1.5
hours on some days.

There has been debate and rumor locally about the
funding and design of the traffic-improving measures,with some preferring more
expensive,subterranean options.

However,Ignacio Meza,delegate for the
Government's Secretary for Communications and Transort (SCT) told local
newspaper,El Periodico de Quintana Roo,
this week that the bridges are definitely going ahead and work has already
started. He said the first will be ready in 5 months.

There has been a
lot of focus on improving infrastructure recently in the Riviera Maya and,as
well as highway improvements,the new Tulum airport is also expected to boost the
local economy and real estate market.

Local politicians have described
the Riviera Maya airport project as an "economic trigger" that will turn Tulum
into one of the most prosperous areas in the Mexican Caribbean.

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