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Record-Breaking Easter In Mexican Caribbean

12 September, 2012


Cancun and the Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean have seen a record-breaking Easter vacation season this year,confounding those that had predicted slow business.

As tourists ignored sensational media reports about violence thousands of miles away on the other side of Mexico,Cancun airport broke its record not once,but twice,for the number of flights in one day. 

The Saturday before the Easter break saw a record 507 flights take off or land,but this was broken again on Easter Saturday,when there were 509 - an average of one plane arriving or departing every 3 minutes.

Tourism officials reported almost full occupancy in hotels,with occupation being up to 98% on days and averaging some 92% in the Riviera Maya and 95% in Cancun over the Easter vacation period.

The Riviera Maya Tourism Promotion Trust pointed out that occupation levels in the Riviera Maya have been higher this year than last,when the figure was under 90%. This marks a real turnaround for the fortunes of local tourism.

Even the respected British news channel,the BBC,had a reporter in Cancun last week to cover the news of the recovery.

The massive turnaround in tourism is already having a trickle-down effect to the vacation property market too. As tourists flood back to Cancun and the Riviera Maya a buzz is back in the local Mexico real estatemarket and pressure is on for prices to rise.


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