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New Passport Rules For Americans

12 September, 2012

From next Monday,June 1,2009,U.S. citizens will have new passport
requirements for returning from Mexico.

Basically,a traditional
book-style passport will be required,but the U.S. government has also offered
an alternative passport ‘card’ to make the adjustment easier.

The changes
apply as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative comes into effect for trips to
Mexico,Canada,Bermuda or the Caribbean.

Anyone entering or returning to
the U.S. from those regions will be required to show proof of citizenship,such
as a passport book. Until now,passports have only been required for arrivals by

The new changes apply to those returning by car or cruise trips as

The new alternative passport card is like a driver's license and
can save families time and money compared with the passport

However,if you go to Mexico by cruise or car,and are unlucky
enough to have an emergency at home or get sick,you will need a traditional
passport to fly back.

The new card may have some benefits,but the
familiar passport book is still the safest option to go for.

For more information visit the U.S. Department of State