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New Mexico Health Care Card Launched

12 September, 2012

International insurance giant,AXA,announced the launch of a new Mexico health
care card,last week,offering discounted medical bills and financial support
for hospital expenses.

The move serves US policy-makers as an example of
how the private sector can help provide Mexico
health care
,at a time when the USA's own medical insurance system is
under debate.

In a report by Mexican newspaper,El Economista,Guillermo Barraza,Director of
Health for AXA Seguros in Mexico,said
the new health card was aimed at a massive segment of the Mexico health care
market totalling some 12 million families.

The new AXA Contigo card will cost 400 pesos ($30) per
year and provide financial support of up to 5,000 pesos ($380) per
hospitalization as well as preferential tariffs for medical services,24/7 phone
support and cover for two ambulance services per year.

Similar health
"discount" cards already exist in Mexico,with products already being offered by
VRIM,Sanborns and a number of regional Mexico health care companies.

attraction of Mexico health care is already a major influence for US retirees
looking to buy a home in the sun and the news is encouraging for the many
thousands of foreigners that move or retire to Mexico every year.

Medical service prices are already very low in Mexico and health care
cards can further reduce the costs. The new AXA
card,for example,gives up to 30% off pharmacy prices,20% off
dental charges and 15% off at opticians.

As US health care continues to
hit the headlines and prices continue to increase,many US citizens are already taking advantage of
the low-cost,high-quality medical facilities across the border to the south. A
trend that is set to continue and in the future it may even be possible to claim Medicare and Medicaid benefits in

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